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Frequently Asked Questions

The Application Form will ask you to input your national identity number or passport number.

This competition is focused on having young people tell their COVID experiences creatively and innovatively. The 3 categories that we will consider for submission are: Photography, Videography and Innovation. You can submit the following expressions within the categories:

  • Photography means that applicants can submit their experiences through photos. Such submissions should be accompanied by a video explaining what a photo represents.
  • Videography means that applicants can submit their experiences through works of videos. Applicants are encouraged to be creative in their submissions.
  • Innovation - Out of adversity, comes opportunity. You may submit an innovation that you have developed as a result of the experiences you had during COVID-19. We understand innovation as a new way of doing things across products and processes including on the digital space.

No. Your video can be as simple as using your smartphone. However, we have provided some tips and best practices for making the submission video below.

No, this competition is specified for individuals as one of the prizes is an internship at a Fairtrade Africa office closest to you.

Also, You are only allowed to make 1 submission.

No. No agent or any staff from Fairtrade Africa will ask for any incentive for you to make a submission.

Questions about the competition can be asked on the ‘Help Button’ on the competition website: fairtraderecover.africa. A representative from Fairtrade Africa will respond to your questions on that chat box.

The accepted languages of engagement in this competition are Arabic, English and French.

Winners of this competition will be selected through a mix of both voting and judging.

After close of competition, entries shall undergo judging which will culminate in the selection of the best 20 finalists. These 20 finalists will undergo a public voting to determine the 6 winners of the competition.

Fairtrade Africa will judge the applications entries internally. The judges will review all finalist entries and select the best 6 to be the winners. The judges will judge the competition according to the presentations of the finalists COVID experience and the feasibility of their community Recovery projects.

6 winners i.e. Male & Female per category will win 500 Euros and project mentorship.

To ensure you have a good quality video:

  • Use any video equipment you may have. A smartphone equally works.
  • Ensure the video is recorded in horizontal orientation.
  • Film in a quiet room/place to avoid destruction (You can close windows to outdoor noise, turn off fans, etc.).
  • Distance from the camera (Hold the camera arm’s length away or prop it up about that distance away).
  • Flip the screen so you can see yourself, but look into the phone’s camera (not at yourself on the screen).
  • Lighting [Find a brightly lit room or try using natural light (e.g. by a window)]