Grace N. Waswa

[email protected]

Female | 22 yrs | Kenya


I Have A Dream Of Transforming Africa One Young Person At A Time. I Am A Lawyer And A Passionate Youth Advocate Grounded On The Belief That Young People Are The Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow. I Believe That Our Continent Is A Haven Of Opportunities That We Need To Take Advantage Of. Through Vijana Tupo Initiative, An Initiative Working To Enable My Dream By Providing Solutions To Youth Unemployment, I Have Been Able To Impact Over 5,000 Young Lives. The Opportunities Presented By Digital And Social Media Have Fueled Our Work, Together With Passion Brought In By Experts From Different Fields. Young People Are Able To Access Expert Resources Through Our Podcast In Partnership With The UN SDSN Kenya, Our Blogs,webinars And Social Media Conversations. Through The Four Thematic Areas Of Trade And Innovation, The SDGs, Career Development And Financial Literacy, We Look Into The Problem Of Unemployment With An Integrated And Interconnected Eye. I Enjoy Learning And Having Meaningful Conversations, Hence The Podcast Vijana Tupo Talks.



Vijana Tupo Initiative is an initiative that leverages digital and social media to provide sustainable and workable solutions for youth unemployment. We do this through our podcast, blogs, webinars and social media platforms. Upon the onset of the pandemic, there was an urgent need to create meaningful content for young people who were unsure about their careers, financial situations and businesses. Additionally, the Sustainable Development Goals, aimed to be achieved by 2030, were facing a threat. No one knew whether COVID-19 would impede or fasttrack the Agenda 2030. The former became louder than the latter. In response to that, we leveraged online platforms to engage and educate the thousands of young people in quarantine hence causing the online ramp up. As an initiative, we have identified four critical themes that can help solve unemployment. These are: Trade and Innovation, Financial literacy, Career Development and the SDGs. We focus on these themes. Technology has made it easy and convenient to access the minds of young people globally and we choose to take that as an opportunity to have meaningful conversations. As an initiative, we work with experts from different thematic areas of the economy to have practical conversations for the benefit of young people. We've had the privilege of working with organizations such as UNCTAD Youth Action Hub Kenya, The Marketing Society of Kenya, the UN SDSN Great lakes and Kenya among others. We dream of being an economic resource center for young Africans to empower them, inspire them and educate them. Our most recent project has been the sensitization of young Africans, in regards to the recently signed and in some countries ratified, agreement establishing AfCFTA. Through this, we, in the simplest way possible, shared resources with experts on how young people can take advantage of AfCFTA to boost trade. We hope to provide a space for ALL young people to learn and understand economic matters, while removing heavy jargons which sometimes stand as bottlenecks to the understanding of simple knowledge.

€500 challenge

If I win this competition, I will use the funds to create an online resource center for all African to learn for free. Despite the digital divide that causes challenges for many to access online resources, this online center will work with different radio stations to provide educational conversions through radio, in selected days. Research proves that the greatest challenge that young people face in terms of their economic status is skills mismatch. If young people are able to get the proper skills, regardless of their status, then they will be innovative and that will greatly reduce the challenge of unemployment and underemployment. If you have no business skills, with just a click, you will get credible resources on starting, growing and managing a business. This resource center will enable young Africans to sharpen their skills and advance economically. I would also use these funds to register the initiative as a social enterprise, so that it can give us more credibility as we strive to reach up to 1 million young people.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative