Tafadzwa Munzwa

[email protected]

Male | 26 yrs | Zambia


Tafadzwa Is The Co-founder/CEO Of Dawa Health (, A Digital Health Platform Democratizing Access To Maternal Health For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers.



The COVID-19 exacerbated the maternal health access problem across the African continent. Over 830 mothers die daily with more than 67% of them in developing countries like Zambia & Zimbabwe. The innovative project I came up with is a digital health platform democratizing access to maternal health for pregnant and nursing mothers. The DawaMom platform is an AI-powered health platform empowering mothers to receive remote maternal health while guiding them through the perinatal period. The platform is accessible via a smartphone app, web portal, chatbot, and USSD/SMS app. The platform works with a network of health agents who bi-monthly visit mothers to monitor their medical parameters. The data is then wired remotely to expects to provide insights.

€500 challenge

We will use the money to expand the DawaMom services and procure 10 Hb point of care test kits to add to our pregnancy kits. This will democratize access to anemia testing and monitoring.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative