Arome Ibrahim

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Male | 28 yrs | Nigeria


Arome Ibrahim Is An Immersive 3D / 360°VR Creative, Geographer & Applied Meteorologist, Social Innovator, Digital Tourism & Heritage Enthusiast Who Strongly Believes In Utilizing Technology & More Broadly Innovation To Build And Grow Impact-based Solutions In Africa. He Is The Co-founder Of Experis Immersive - A Virtual Reality Content Development Startup Creating Immersive, Innovative, And Interactive Virtual Reality Solutions. Arome Is Also The Founder Of Immersive Tech Africa, A Creative Social Enterprise That Leverage Extended Reality (XR) Technologies Like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 360VR To Create Impact-driven Experiences And Solutions That Inspire Global Action Towards The UN Sustainable Development Goals. Arome Has Been Recognized As A VR Technology Innovator By The Next Economy Program Made Possible By The Dutch Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Network Of Incubators And Innovators In Nigeria (NINE). He Had The Honour Of Being Recognized As One Of The Next Economy Entrepreneurship Hero, Also Awarded The Next Economy Impact Award And A Host Of Other Awards. He Currently Volunteers And An Active Member With Several Industry Organizations, Including Google Street View, Google AR/VR, VR AR MR, AR/VR Africa, International Virtual Reality Professionals Association, Young Sustainable Impact, Earthpreneurs, YALI Africa, SDG Nigeria, XR4ALL, Tourism 4.0, Tourism For SDGs, Royal African Young Innovators.



According to UNESCO and the International Council of Museums, it is predicted that 1 in 8 museums could permanently close due to the COVID-19 (Museums and Cultural Institutions: COVID-19, 2020), with the survival of arts & museums in Africa now in danger. Most museums have witnessed a tremendous financial loss during the COVID-19 period, with most museums in Africa have started to move to online museum experiences to maintain social distance. Virtuality Africa is a virtual art museum platform to showcase the rich history in arts and culture in African Museums affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through an immersive web experience. The first stage of the project is in partnership with Yemishi Shyllon Museum of Art, Lagos, Nigeria, to showcase great artworks from prominent artists and creatives in a virtual space that can be celebrated and experienced by users irrespective of their location in the world, creating an engaging and educative experience especially for those in remote areas. Visitors to the virtual art museum can browse through arts they find interesting at a pace that meets their needs. In addition to that, they have access to a lot more information about the art pieces and the story behind them.

€500 challenge

If given the opportunity, the funds will go a long way to support the development and deployment of the first section of the Virtuality Africa virtual museum project in collaboration with the Yemishi Shyllon Museum of Art, Lagos, Nigeria, which will showcase up to 200 digital artworks and experiences from some of the best artists across Africa, promoting awareness and the value of preserving Africa’s arts amongst the youth and millennials post COVID-19. The sustainability of the project will be based on collaborations with museums, galleries in Africa that usually have exhibitions and would like to have a digital space to host virtual exhibitions and also boost their COVID-19 recovery activities. Arome Ibrahim is an Immersive 3D / 360°VR Creative, Geographer & Applied Meteorologist, Social Innovator, Digital Tourism & Heritage enthusiast who strongly believes in utilizing technology & more broadly innovation to build and grow impact-based solutions in Africa.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative