Stanley Anigbogu

[email protected]

Male | 22 yrs | Nigeria


Stanley Anigbogu Is An Award-winning Storyteller And Creative Technologist, Also The Ceo And Founder Of Artechubs Nigeria Is A Stem Education Company, That Equips Young Persons Between 6 To 18 Years With Relevant Skills Needed For The Workforce Which Includes Coding, Robotics, Local Technology, And Entrepreneurship. We Focus On Solving Problems Related To Education Using Technology As A Tool



Tfree is an affordable, user-friendly automated hand sanitizer system. Tfree is the first of its kind with a security alarm system that prevents people who do not sanitizers their hands from entering buildings or public spaces. It operates on a series of programs that enables it to beep once a person passes it so that the person can sanitize his hands by placing their hands beneath the device. Immediately the device senses the hand, it dispenses few drops of high sanitizer and allows the person entrance. If the person ignores this beep and tries to pass without sanitizing, an alarm is triggered and it continues till the person sanitizes his hand. Once this is done, the system beeps and allows the person entrance. Tfree was developed using cutting-edge technology and has a deep sense of uniqueness in that it's the first-hand sanitizer system with a security alarm. It promises a lot of impacts which includes flattening the covid-19 curve by preventing further spread.

€500 challenge

SparkNuit a reading lamp with free solar charging stations in schools to solve the lack of electricity for students, Stem4Her a program designed to empower young girls in rural communities to participate in tech and robotics. These are the two projects I plan to use the fund to work on focusing on Gender equality and rewnewble and clean energy.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative