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Female | 27 yrs | Cameroon


I Am Mafor Anna Ngwenyi. A Final Year Student At The University Of Buea Cameroon Studying Computer Science And I Also The CEO/ Founder Of The Startup Named AgriDroneTech Enterprise.



Because of the negative impact this pandemic has created in diverse areas in our society till date, I was motivated motivated to worked on a project termed “IoT based automated agricultural monitoring and control system for smart farming” Improvement of the livelihood of 75% local farmers through agriculture to boost food supply, the technology attracts youth/women to engage in agriculture and also the improvement of livelihoods through the promotion of home-gardening as a means to curb hunger I designed a smart system that is based on IoT, AI and Blockchain and it is capable of carrying out activities such as soil scan, crop surveillance, spraying of fertilizers and insecticides, food supply security, maintaining crop health, and estimate yield data for weather analysis. The beneficiaries and my target are the inhabitants of my community estimated at about 75% of farmers in Cameroon, about 60% of farmers in Africa who are involved in agriculture. The activities included setting up gardens in every house in my community using non-biodegradable wastes like old tyres and buckets and also recycling home wastes as organic manure. Putting in place the right hardware and software materials for the design was a crucial part of the process.

€500 challenge

My covid-19 recovery project of choice is termed “IoT based automated agricultural monitoring and control system for smart farming” which will enable farmers to monitor and control their crops while at home or any areas and equally adhere to COVID-19 social distancing rule.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative