Ashu Ayem Nkumbe Maureen Akorsong

[email protected]

Female | 32 yrs | Cameroon


I Am Founder Of Amaan Africa, A Cameroonian Based Organization With Mission To Promote Skills Acquisition, Volunteering, Multilingualism, Multiculturalism, Carry Out COVID-19 Awareness Campaigns And Women Empowerment For Sustainable Development. I Am Passionate About My Community And Working Through Amaan Africa 5 Pillar Projects For SDG1-17 Which Include #STOPCOVID19, CERTUS, CULVILLA, ALA And VOVO . I Am A Bachelor Degree Holder In Economics And A Certified Corporate And National Volunteer From The National Civic Service Agency For Participation In Development (NCSAPD) Under The Ministry Of Youth And Civic Education Cameroon. My Mission Is To Motivate And Train Skillful Volunteers Who Are Ready To Take Action Towards A Sustainable Development To Eradicate Poverty In African Communities.



#stopcovid19 is Amaan Africa project to combat COVID-19 in Cameroonian communities and Africa at large. This include branding classrooms with COVID19 DO’s and DONT’s in French, English and local mother tongues for constant awareness and reminder, donate face mask and sanitizers, train the vulnerable populations on low cost means of face mask and sanitizer fabrication.The WHO recognised the spread of COVID19 as a pandemic on the 11th of March 2020, Africa's first COVID19 case was recorded in Egypt on the 14th of February 2020. COVID19 virus was confirmed to have spread to Cameroon, Central Africa on 6th of March with its first confirmed case being a French national who arrived in the capital city of Yaounde on the 24th of February 2020. Since the out break of COVID19, there has been a lot of modifications on the surface of the earth so as to protect humanity from the virus. Statistics show that the second wave of the pandemic is more severe than the first and more than ever, everyone is reminded on the sanitary measures to follow in order to prevent the virus. So far Africa has recorded over 4,468,600 infected cases and in Cameroon confirmed cases 64.809, number of recovered cases are 35.261 and 939 deaths. Thus there is an urgent need for COVID19 relief measures which Amaan Africa is working tiredlessly to implement.

€500 challenge

500 Euros will enable Amaan Africa design and print 100 A4 and 50 A5 covid19 DO's and DONT's flyers for the classroom which can conveniently brand 3 more schools in Cameroon to serve as constant reminder as students interact daily for a healthy environment.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative