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Male | 28 yrs | Kenya


Am Dennis Mavia From Kakamega County ,but A Resident Of Nairobi Kibera To Be Specific. I Graduated From DAYSTAR University With A B/A In International Relation And A Minor In Community Development. Have Always Had A Passion Of Giving Back To The Community And Any Opportunity Given To Me I Do It Diligently. This Passion Pushed Me To Start An Organization That Came After Covid 19 To Lessen The Impacts Of Covid To The Community. With My Leadership Skill We Were Able To Collects Funds From Students And Other People And Used The Funds To Donate Sanitary Towels And Water To The Community. I Believe Youth The Can Change The Community They Just Need The Platform And Such Opportunities Like What You Giving.



COVID 19 EXPERIENCE COVID 19 brought many challenges world wide. It’s sad the most affected are youth , less fortunate and slum dwellers. Few weeks after Corona struck many youths and communities were subjected to many challenges e.g. many, lost their jobs,livelihood and dignity. Many families had a tight budget and started debating on which basic needs were important. Sanitary towels ended up being sideline because many families didn’t see it as a necessity. This led to lack of pads among the girls leading to high absenteeism in schools and some had to use other means to acquire them eg sex which led to early pregnancy and drop from schools. I believe youths are change makers if given the opportunity and we shouldn’t wait for someone to change the world but we should be the agents of change. The photo montage presented on the link is my small project that I organized with an aim of lessening the impacts of Covid to our girls and the community. The project had tremendous impacts. We have seen a number of absenteeism drop, families can now focus on buying food and other necessities because the burden of pads is taken care off.

€500 challenge

COMMUNITY RECOVERY PLAN. The funds we get from this competition will be used to buy reusable sanitary towels. For months we have been using disposable ones which are less long lasting compared to the reusable ones. (Disposable )They are hazardous to the environment because they take up to 500 years to decompose. The disposables are expensive,you can imagine spending 50 to 100 or more on a weekly/monthly basis ,with buying the reusable ones and serving you for years. The reusable are not only long lasting but they are environment friendly due to their disposable nature and save families a lot of money due to their longevity. One of my goals in life is not to be giving handouts but to show the community and lead them to sustainability. Getting the reusable will lead the community to sustainability,where it will not only solve the period poverty challenges experienced by many but it will lessen the impacts of covid 19 to these communities ,it will also keep our girls in school, prevent early pregnancies and reduce abuse of small girls through sexual activities. We the youth are the new change agents , what we need is a platform and opportunities.




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