Farida Geraldo

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Female | 30 yrs | Togo


Born In 1991, Essi Is A Young Entrepreneur Eco-architect And Urbanist Of Sustainable Cities. As A Participant In Several Prestigious Programs Such As The Mandela Washington Fellowship In 2018 And Obama Leaders In 2019, She Has Been Involved In Various Causes Such As Gender And Environmental Education. Today, She Is The CEO Of ARCHID'AR, Founding President Of An NGO And Expert Consultant In Court. Recipient Of Many Awards, She Puts Her Talents At The Service Of International Institutions Where She Practices. She Is A Panelist For The Global Resilience Fund For Girls And Young Women, A 5GYRES Ambassador, And The Current Country Coordinator For Community Service Projects Of The OBAMA Foundation. In February 2021, She Launched Her Book: "Comment J'ai Rencontré Le Couple Obama" Or " How I Met The Obamas". This Same Year, She Has Been Nominated Two Times: -On The National Plan, As One Of The 10 Champions “Women Impact For Change - WI4C”. -on The International Plan, As One Of The 20 Inspirational African Diaspora Professional Women In Europe 2021.



Replacing tree cover in the African Sahel is a race against time: the time required for trees to grow, against the rapid impacts that cutting trees brings to farmers and land is too long. African states in their quest for modern cities are embarking on deforestation. However, the value of the tree in our homes since ancient times is being shown with the arrival of COVID-19 which has reduced humans to confinement. Man needs the various virtues of these plants. (Eat, heal, refresh the space). The vision of the project is to encourage people to plant in each home, hence the name OPERATION: a House, a plant. One of the main objectives hidden behind the project in addition to combating climate change and contributing to the revegetation launched by the African Union is to improve comfort at home and contribute to reducing travel (case of the pandemic crisis). ). The project activities are in 3 phases: digital training, planting of seedlings and photo mosaic. It was a real success. 700 plants were planted, including 500 in rural areas by women's groups. The mobilization was effective and 10 SDGs were achieved. 700 households have thus benefited from provisions as food support.

€500 challenge

Yes. I have to win. The project of my choice is OPERATION ONE HOUSE ONE PLANT; a project to replicate and extend.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative