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Male | 21 yrs | South Africa


My Name Is Litha Sam-sam ,Im 21 Years Old. Im An Artist , I Do Acting And Dancing As My Extra Activities That Contribute To What I Do(project). Im A Very Humble Person With Respect Accompanied By Principles. Im A Very Energetic Individual With Ambitions And Goals, My Motivation Is Learning From Other Peoples Stories To Work With Them In Order To Create A Well-reserved Environment With Future Dreamers Of Africa. Making Mistakes And Learning From Them Is What Makes Us Grow, Hence I Allow Myself To Enhance On This Positive Attitude Because It Holds Power And Development. So Thats Me In A Silver Platter Thank You



Loxion Mobile Library When the universe was attacked by the pandemic everything changed, this means nothing will ever get back to normal but we as people have to find ways to make life carry on. In 2020 the entire universe was attacked by the Covid19 pandemic. Everything changed especially in our disadvantage communities, children couldn’t attend schools and educational related facilities were shut. When schools re-opened many kids had long lost their school interest, others find it difficult to engage with the educators while others were not coping at all. This affected their academics negatively because educators had to speed up the syllabus while many children were left out. . Only few schools were able to focus on the child’s performances because most of them were affected by the covid19 pandemic, this means the kids with poor vocabulary, language development and literacy skills were suffering even more. We then inverted a project called the LOXION MOBILE LIBRARY. This is a kid’s book machine that goes around our communities reading books to the kids, playing educational games and mind relaxing exercises and having one on one session with them. We do this in spaces they feel comfortable in. We do this by means of making learning fun, creating a brighter future for them. (201 words)

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Loxion Mobile Library Project




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