Lavin acheka

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Female | 25 yrs | Kenya


My Name Is Acheka Lavin 24 Years Of Age. I Am From Kenya Living In Kakamega County. I Graduated From The Univeersity Of Eldoret With A BSc Animal Science And Management. In My Line Of Work, I Have Gained A Diverse Experience In So Many Sectors Some Of It Being, Data Sorting In Data Analysis, Youth Training Skills And Farmer Trainings On Agricultural Management And Developement. Besides This I Have Also Learnt Social Skills That Help Me Interact With People From Day To Day Like Honesty, Patience, Hardwork And Also Working Within My Time Limits To Avoid Procrastinations All Times. I Value Diversification Because As Per Now, I Am Fully Diversified Basing On My Professionalism And My Current Carrier. I Also Strongly Believe In Chance And Change.



Hydroponics is a soilless technology of crop production where crops are grown in a non nutritious medium and suplimented with the nutrients they need at every stage. This type of farming can be practised anywhere even in urban areas. The practice is to ensure that the amount of farm crops that are being produced are enough to meet the market demands and also improve the agricultural sector by making it more practical at any place any time. Hydroponics also helps crops attain maturity at a very fast rate and the amount of production in this sector is actually higher than the normal ways of farming. With the changing technoogy in the world, hydroponics is more likely to be adopted at higher rates because it is clean farming, clean food, clean hands.

€500 challenge

I will programme more trainings for more people in the hydroponics system of farming since most of the people in the region have not yet adopted this type of farming. Besides that, i will open up an agrovet that shall supply the farm input and equipement to make sure that this farming system is achievable within the region.




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