Eddy Gitonga

[email protected]

Male | 32 yrs | Kenya


Eddy Is A Passionate Environmentalist In Innovations That Catalyzes Solutions To Problems Facing Communities. He Is A Community Leader For The Last Seven Years Who Believes In Possibilities Of A Healthy Peaceful Society. He Is Currently Working To Realize A Pilot Household Environmental Project To Combat Climate Change Caused By Pollution Of Solid Waste. Eddy Is A Young Afrlican Leader Fellow As Well As Representing Kenya In The Climate Innovation Academy 2021.



The T-Bin innovation is a patented smart intelligent solar powered waste bin that not only protects our communities from pollution and flooding but also provides a lighted 24hour environment and survaillance features. It also comes with atwin digital LED screens to provide relevant information and education to the public as well as free fast internet connectivity through Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.

€500 challenge

I will use this prize money to buy reading materials for children as they are on long holiday here in Kenya as i use the T-Bin which has an audio visual platform to educate the children and correct waste management practices, effects of climate change as well as correct measures in prevention against covid19.




A Recover Africa Project Initiative